We live in a beautiful corner of one of the most prosperous cities in the world.

Life is beautiful here. It's almost paradise. Almost.

On top of the hill overlooking Clovelly, there's a cemetery casting its shadow over all of us. It reminds us that even here, in 'God's country', things are not how they're meant to be.

That's why the great passion of our church is Jesus and his 'gospel'. The gospel is the good news that Jesus came into our broken world, died in our place and rose to life again - news that brings hope for a new life now and a better world to come. 

And because Jesus' death shows how precious each and every one of us are, we're committed not just to God but to community with each other - trying to love and welcome one another the amazing way that Jesus has loved and welcomed us all. 

And because Jesus' resurrection shows us there's more to life, we're trying to live for a purpose bigger than ourselves and a mission beyond the moment. We're here to serve the weak, love our community, share the good news. We try to help everyone in our church community grow through five spiritual pathways, and know how to serve God and love others at home, at work, in our block, and in the world. 

Want to know more? Got questions? We'd love to chat - and the coffee is on us! Just get in touch or visit us this Sunday. 

Or listen to one of Dave our minister's talks here: