Children are a precious gift from God - and we'd love to thank God with you!


At St Luke’s, we offer two types of ‘christenings’:

  • A Thanksgiving is a special service to celebrate the gift of your child, to name them, and to pray for them. If you're new with us, a Thanksgiving service is a great way to give thanks to God for your little one.
  • Baptism means ‘washing’, and the water used in baptism is a sign of the washing away of our sins that happened when Jesus died for us on the cross. Baptism says that a person has given up on their old life and is living a new life following Jesus as their Ruler and Saviour. Baptism is a sign for adults who’ve started following Jesus, or for the children of adults who trust and follow Jesus and are members of our church community.

If you’re interested in a thanksgiving or baptism, visit us on a Sunday soon, and meet Dave after church. Or get in touch anytime with other questions.