Jesus is all about life. Our church community is here to help you explore, grow and share this new life. 

a safe place to explore

At times we all wonder what life’s all about. Jesus makes some wonderful and weighty claims - about where to find the life, hope, love, meaning and forgiveness we yearn for. 

But we recognise that many of us - skeptics and believers - wrestle with doubts and questions about the Christian faith. We offer a number of forums to explore Jesus and your doubts:

Every Sunday - 9.15 and 4PM - Our Sunday gatherings (info) are open to skeptics and believers alike, as we explore faith each week.

Short courses - It takes time to genuinely explore, so we offer a 4-week course several times a year, to go over the foundations of Christian faith - whether for the first time or as a refresher.



God never meant for us to do life alone or to grow on our own. In the midst of city life, we find ways to do life together: 


Community Groups - These are smaller communities within our church community, meeting across the eastern suburbs. Each group is different, but we're all trying to seek God, learn from the Bible together, support each other and serve our city. 

Social events - There's lots of ad hoc social events, from dinner every Sunday night to beach visits or Sculpture by the Sea. 

Annual Getaway - Each year in May, we go away for a weekend as a church. It's a special time to build community, learn together and have a lot of fun. 

Industry dinners - We believe that Jesus makes a difference to our Monday to Friday (not just our Sundays). Every year we hold some industry-based 'Faith + Work' events, to help us integrate our faith and work. We usually hear from a Christian working in that field/industry about the particular temptations and opportunities, with time for questions and networking with others. 

To keep it simple, we keep all the info about groups and events on the 'HUB' part of our website.

A VISION FOR our city

Street party....

We have a vision that God would bring life and hope to our city.

Changed lives - One of the most powerful ways we bless our city is through the lives changed by Jesus. His undeserved love for us moves us to love our city, through our neighbourhoods + friendships + families + workplaces. 

Community events - We love our city and community. Every year we run some big events to celebrate and to bring our community together - Fun in the Park in March and our Christmas Carols + Street Party in December. 

To get involved, just head to the HUB part of our website and look for the SERVE section. 

Cooking up a storm for those in need!

Cooking up a storm for those in need!

Meals - Food is one of our love languages! It's a joy to share a meal with those who are doing it tough or just weighed down by life. If you want to share a need - or cook some meals to help, just let us know here.