Simple Love - For Asylum Seekers

Each Christmas, St. Luke's participates in Simple Love, a movement of churches gathering essential supplies for those seeking asylum or unable to work. We believe that God has a great love for all people and it's our responsibility to show compassion and restore dignity and peace to those seeking asylum. (And after all, Mary and Joseph themselves had to seek asylum in a stable that very first Christmas!)

WHAT - Please only provide items on the list below. All donations will go via 'Simple Love' to the independent Asylum Seeker Resource Centre or House of Welcome or Jesuit Refugee Service to real people in need. 

WHEN - Bring donations to our Sunday gatherings in the lead up to Christmas. At other times, please call our office on 9665-8320 to confirm someone will be able to receive your donation. 

WHERE - The drop off point is the back corner of the church building, found on the Corner of Arden St & Varna St, Clovelly. 


It's simple love, but it makes a huge difference to real people

Breakfast Cereal & Muesli
1L Cooking Oil
1kg Rice - Basmati and Jasmine
Noodles Vermicelli and Egg
Flour and Sugar
Tinned Fruit
Tinned Veg - Corn Kernels, Peas, Beans only
Tomato Paste
Red Kidney Beans
Spices and herbs
Curry Powder
Instant Noodles and Soups
Corned Beef
Long Life Milk
Black and Green Tea
Coffee 100g-200g
Dried Lentils
Sweets and Biscuits

Adult Opal Cards (these help refugees get to appointments with lawyers & case workers)
* Please indicate how much is on them

Nappies - 16+kg, 13-18kg, 10-15kg
Shampoo & Conditioner
Deodorant - Male and Female
Sanitary Napkins (no tampons)
Washing Machine Powder
Dish Washing Liquid
Razors and Shaving Foam

Please feel free to visit the Simple Love website to find out more details.